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WHY WITH US? is a project which has arisen from the cooperation of 13 Spanish schools situated in some of Spain's and Latin America's lovelies places.

Learning Spanish, a very popular language, and being on holiday in Spain or in Latin America at the same time are two very good reasons to come to our centres. However, these are not the only ones. Here are our 10 reasons:

Our schools are in town-centre locations.

We offer various types of accommodation around our schools.

Low prices.

Young native Spanish teachers with both university qualifications and appropriate teaching experience.

Exciting program of social and cultural activities, sporting events and excursions.

Small groups, from 3 to 8 students per class.

There is a huge number of specialist courses, such as D.E.L.E. preparation, literature, cooking, sailing, diving, horseriding, skiing... depending on the city that you choose.

Small and friendly schools committed to providing enjoyable programmes and dedicated to helping each student reach his or her true potential as effectively as possible.

Choice of destinations: 13 different places. Whether you want to study in Andalusia, on the Costa Blanca, in Barcelona, in Galicia, in Castilla, in Madrid, on Canary Islands or in Latin America has a school for you.

Make friends and meet interesting people from different countries.