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Learn Spanish in Salamanca - Spanish Courses in SalamancaLearn Spanish in Salamanca - Spanish Courses in Salamanca

The city of Salamanca is situated in the west of Spain, near the border with Portugal and Madrid and other interesting cities.

Salamanca is famous for its vivid history and its rich diversity of monuments. Buildings of very different architectural styles have been preservad, built in the golden stone which gives the city its special brilliance. The quality, variety and quantity of these monuments, together with the city's contribution to culture, have caused it to be declared part of the historic and artistic heritage of the world.

But Salamanca is also known throughout the world for its highly esteemed university which dates from the 13th century. In particular its reputation for studies in the Humanities brings more than 35,000 students to Salamanca every year from all over Europe. Because of this, Salamanca is a young, lively and comfortable city with a pleasant, safe night-time atmosphere.

Its character as a university city, its numerous monuments, outstanding among which is the beautiful Plaza Mayor, the correct pronunciation of the Spanish language, and its lively atmosphere all combine to make Salamanca an ideal location to learn Spanish.