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Spanish-Spanish : Cours d'espagnol en EspagneSpanish-Spanish : Cours d'espagnol en Espagne

The capital of the Costa del Sol, Spain's sunny coast, is world famous both for its vibrant lifestyle and its agreeable climate throughout the year. Even during the winter months temperatures can reach more than 20º C.

The exceptional cosmopolitan air of the city where Pablo Picasso was born is the result of a mixture of long history and modern life. Cinemas, theatres and innumerable bars and cafes make for an atmosphere which never allows for boredom.

Our school is situated in the centre of Málaga, only a 5-minute walk from the "Plaza de la Merced" and the most important monuments and 12 minutes from the beach.

The night life is mostly out in the open air and at the weekends, the Semana Santa, the Easter processions, or the Feria de Agosto often continue round-the-clock.

For those who prefer more "natural" pursuits, the old town of Antequera with its amazing Karstian spires of eroded rock, and the breath-taking "king's walkway" which winds dizzily along the canyon walls of the "Garganta del Chorro" are less than 40 km away. The valley of Abdalajis - like "El Chorro"- is a climber's and walker's paradise and are also close by, offering impressive views and a sky dotted with the multi-coloured paragliders and hangliders which take off from the summit.