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With its neverending nightlife, and thousands of bars and night clubs, Madrid is said to be one of the most exciting cities in Europe. The city has a population of ca. 3.5 million and it is a destination for thousands of people from all over the globe.

Madrid has an exceptional cultural life. Here you can find world renowned museums as well as many exhibitions, theatres and cinemas.

Madrid has a remarkable collection of museums. The most important are:
1) Museo del Prado (masterpieces by Velázquez, Goya, Murillo, El Greco, ...) 2) Museo Reina Sofía (masterpieces by Picasso, Dalí and contemporary artists). 3) Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza (private collection from the Middle Ages till our century).

The best way to discover the city is to walk through its old streets. You will find the Plaza Mayor, the Royal Palace and the Opera.
The Retiro Park (119 hectares), in the centre of Madrid, is a perfect place to relax and also to visit some art exhibitions.
If you are more interested in shopping to highstreet fashion, Madrid offers something for everybody. Nightlife is an essential part of the city: Madrid never sleeps. From the traditional tapas bar to trendy clubs....

The famous monastery "El Escorial" is just an hour away from Madrid.

Due to its central location, you can visit a lot of Spanish cities without travelling for hours and hours. In less than two hours, you can be in Ávila, Toledo, Segovia, Alcalá de Henares or Aranjuez.

Right through the year you can enjoy the blue sky of Madrid (around 2.800 hours of sunlight per year).

All this makes Madrid the perfect city to learn Spanish.