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Spanish courses Spain. Learn Spanish in Spain or Latin America. Spanish in Spain and Latin America. Spanish schools in Spain.



We organize varied and interesting leisure and cultural activities to give you a chance

" to improve your Spanish also outside class.
" to obtain a deep insight into the Spanish or Latin American way of life.
" to get to know the place that you have chosen and the surrounding countryside.
" to make friends quickly with other students, teachers and native people.


Examples of activities:

" Parties, evening meals and picnics with typical Spanish food.
" Visits to cinemas, markets or monuments in small groups.
" Guided walks exploring the city centre and surrounding countryside.
" Guided visits to museums and exhibitions.
" Presentations on current or historic topics.
" Presentations of most recent Spanish and Latin American films.
" Sport activities: volleyball, football, and basketball.
" During the weekends we organize excursions and guided visits to the most important sights in the region.

Participation is voluntary. Transport, entry fees and entertainment costs are not included in the course fee.
Further information about current events, concerts and regional typical festivals can be obtained at the school.



" Guided visits to the castle and the Archaeological Museum in Denia.
" Outings to the caves of "Agua" and "Tallada".
" Parties, group meals to try typical dishes of the area: paella, fideuà and a wide variety of fish. There are a lot of ways to prepare paella and you will discover many of them here.
" Sangría on the beach in the summer nights.
" Boat trip to the Marine Reserve of San Antonio Cape.
" Films, lectures and chats on current affairs and historical issues.
" Excursions to Valencia´s old town, Alicante, the timeless Altea alleyways, the Arabic village of Guadalest, the town of Xátiva.
" Ibiza is 2 hours by ship from Denia. There are special offers for "One night party in Ibiza".
" An especially memorable trip is the historical slow train which runs along the coast connecting Denia and Alicante.
" Don't forget that Denia has nearly 20 km. of sandy and rocky beach, so many water sports can be found here. And the beach is only 10 minutes walk from the school.

" Parties and meals with Andalusian/Spanish flavour.
" Guided visits to the Alhambra and Generalife, the Cathedral, the Cartuja, the Royal Chapel, the Sacromonte Abbey, the Albaycín.
" Tapas-bar and Flamenco evenings are very popular with our students.
" Visits to the market or cinema outings accompanied by a teacher in small groups. Spanish and Latin-American films.
" Conferences and chats on literature, history, art, etc.
" Sierra Nevada, the highest mountain in the south of Europe, offer many and varied walks, excursions and sporting opportunities (Mountain-biking, swimming, tennis, horse-riding and skiing ...).
" Excursions are organized for the weekends. Some local points of interest include: Sevilla, Córdoba, Málaga, the Alpujarras, The caves of Guadix or the beaches of the Granada's Costa Tropical.
" Sevillanas and Flamenco dance classes.

" Tour by bus around O Grove Peninsula.
" Trip to the Ons island.
" Excursion to Santiago de Compostela, visiting the historic centre.
" Spanish films and conferences about Spanish literature, history, politics, etc.
" Football match and volleyball on the beach.
" Walks in different places of the region.
" Rafting.
" Canoing tours.
" Parties, dinners with sea food, very popular in the area, and Galician and Spanish wines.

" A stroll in downtown Barcelona will familiarize you with some places of interest., and on other days the possibility of visits to the Sagrada Familia, the Parque Güell, Las Ramblas, the Palacio de Música, Montjuic etc.
" Outdoor activities such as windsurfing and sailing (possible at the sailing school). Beaches are a fifteen-minute walk from the school.
" The school itself will lend soccer and volley balls, beach and tennis raquets.
" We organize excursions to the Dalí Museum in Figueres/Cadaqués, to the beaches at Sitges, the Monasterio Montserrat or various hikes in the surrounding countryside.
" Every week one of the best Spanish and Latin American films are shown at school.
" Chats or debates are also organized to discuss different aspects of culture, history and national and local cuisine.
" Dinner parties, tapas evenings and wine tasting provide an opportunity to put theory into practice and create an enjoyable and cheerful atmosphere.

" Welcome tour around Canet.
" Excursion to the "Cruz de Canet" and walk on the mountain.
" Aerobics on the beach.
" Welcome sangría.
" Different activities during the "Fiesta Mayor" of Canet.
" Visit to the fish auction in Arenys de Mar.
" Volleyball on the beach.
" Dinners: generally paella, fideuá, fish or tapas.
" Bicycle tour around the coast.
" Tour in boat.

" Our famous parties where you can meet other students and Spanish people in a relaxing environment.
" International dinners, where, if you want, you can learn how to make our famous dishes: paella and tortilla, in addition you can try typical dishes of other students and countries. (Students prepare their own food)
" Lunches and dinners in restaurants in Málaga and in its province, in order to taste the typical dishes or the new Andalusian cooking.
" Visits to museums, monuments and Málaga Botanical Garden are free and take place on a weekly basis with a guide.
" Excursions to the major attractions on Saturdays (Granada, Seville, Cordoba, Ronda, Gibraltar, Morocco, etc.).
" Concerts, theatre, cinema, flamenco, exhibitions, etc.
" Cinema: showing Spanish films in school with a debate afterwards.
" Sports: in conjunction with a course (Active Spanish) or individually.
" Flamenco dance course or flamenco guitar: in summer the school offers weekly 2 free hours of sevillanas.


" Welcome party.
" City tour.
" Visits to exhibitions.
" Barbecues and parties in the countryside.
" Visit to a bulls farm.
" Spanish films.
" Pic-nic
" Food tastings.
" Excursions: Alberca, La Peña de Francia, Toledo, Madrid, Candelario, Béjar, Burgos, Cáceres, Segovia, Santiago de Compostela, El Escorial, Valle de los Caídos and Portugal.

" Our city tours include a walk through the city centre visiting the most beautiful monuments.
" Sights that are en route, such as the "Cueva de la Pileta" famous for its prehistoric caveman paintings, can be visited as well.
" Ronda, Jerez, Cádiz and Sevilla are visited in one day tour.
" Granada and Córdoba are possible with one overnight stay.
" Spanish and Latin American films.
" With our guided tours we show you not only the most famous, but the most beautiful white villages with their distinctive corners and places.
" Our students have the possibility to spend one entire weekend on a farm or a mountain shelter taking part in lots of adventure activities. Near the accommodation we do archery, introduction to climbing, rambling, etc. It is also the starting point for canoeing tours, hiking tours, canyoning and much more. In beautiful nights we do even night walking-tours. The fees for these adventure activities are not included in the course price.
" On Saturday night we have a barbecue with a little party to enjoy ourselves and get to know each other.

" Our city tour includes a walk through the city centre visiting the most beautiful monuments.
" Visits to the palaces Aranjuez and Río Frío or El Escorial.
" Spanish and Latin American films.
" Thanks to our cooperation with the dance school Karen Taft you can enjoy latin rhythms.
" Visits to tapas bars.
" Tours to beautiful cities like Toledo, Segovia or Cuenca.
" Trips to the country where you can relax and enjoy nature.

" Guided tour of La Laguna.
" Guided tour to Santa Cruz.
" Visits to other towns throughout the island.
" Visits to museums and other important cultural sites.
" Dinners to get together and tast canarian dishes.
" Nights out in La Laguna.
" Trip to "El Teide".

" Welcome party.
" Guided trips around Ayamonte y Huelva.
" Visits to Doñana National Park.
" Visits to the Aracena Mountains.
" Dinners to get together and tast Andalusian dishes.

" Guided visits to the centre of Guadalajara and the town Tlaquepaque.
" Excursion to the famous city Tequila.
" Excursion to the biggest lake of Mexico, Chapala.
" Mexican food with Mariachi music.

" Guided visits to the aristocratic quarters "Puerto Mader", "Recoleto", "San Martín".
" Visits to the Tango quarters "La Boca", "San Telmo".